Effective leadership is leading through role modelling, caring, serving staff and non-stop professional development.

Scenario for the report You have been appointed as the Director of a new early childhood service in a large regional city in New South Wale, Australia. The service has been sponsored by a local management committee made up from several services in the community with support being offered by the local council in the form of building and grounds maintenance. The service has received approval from the NSW Department of Education and Communities to operate as a 45 place long day care centre and approval for parents to claim the Child Care Rebate while using the service. The centre meets all the requirements of the licensing body in regards to space, equipment, building regulations, heating, cooling, security, safety, resources etc. You are to prepare a report for the Management Committee that covers the Management areas of 1. Communication 2. Teamwork 3. Professional development 4. Performance appraisals 5. Financial management 6. Meeting procedure 7. Marketing and technology 8. Newsletters in the subject. The Report should have: 1. Introduction – listing what is going to be in your report – giving the 8 topics you intend to report on 2. Rationale – Why you are writing this report and why it is needed. It should also include an overall general philosophy for your centre. (quality issues, type of program – is it Reggio, Emergent curriculum etc) – I would provide this via email 3. Logistical Information – should include times and dates of operation, group sizes (why you have chosen these) 4. Each Management Area – discuss each one separately (for example budgets, staffing, promotion, community involvement or other management topics you have chosen to report on) 5. Conclusion – stating that you are aware of the areas not covered in your report and that they will be covered in a future report Reference list and appendix if needed I uploaded course module, readings and other resources Below are teachers suggestion on the content of the assignment 1. The rationale part is quite a large, important part. SO you will have a rationale at the start of the report and a rationale for each area that you include. This will give me great insight into what you know about each area. 2.The introduction is similar to any intro and needs to be fairly short whereas the rationale gives some background into the reason for the report. Also elaborates on the scenario for the ECECservice. 3.What is the importance of this area and why have you chosen to report on it? You need to clearly articulate this. 4.I agree the conclusion will be larger than usual, however you do need to include a very short summary on the areas not included(such as, family, community, policy,ethics, operational plan, staff recruitment, changing management,legislation and government policy, conflict resolving, bullying). I need to know that you have done the readings for all the management modules.