ETH/321 Change Management And Implementation

Read the following scenario about Kaiser Permanente’s Innovations Consultancy section from Ch. 12, “The Effective Change Manager: What Does It Take?,” of Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach: Scenario: Kaiser Permanente’s Innovations Consultancy Lew McCreary (2010) describes how Kaiser Permanente, a managed care consortium based in Oakland, California, has developed a novel approach to […]

myself as an inquiry

Introduction (3 Sentences): Include 2 general statements about your own definition of inquiry before taking this course + A Thesis Statement. Body Paragraph 1 (8 Sentences): 1 Topic Sentence + Main idea (3 Supporting Sentences + 3 Details). You need to reflect on your experiences with asking questions. This would include the role of questions […]

Post Revision Choose which post you want to revise. Look at all of your previous posts and determine which one would best lend itself to a 3-5 page revision.This doesnt necessarily mean choose your favorite response, if your favorite response was so good that dont have anything to add to it. The ideal choice is the […]


TopicWere the progressives goals conservative or radical? What about their strategies? Explain your answers. You are to write a response in essay format that includes an introduction, response to the question, critical analysis of the subject, including facts to support your analysis, and a conclusion. USE PICTURES I ATTACHED AS CITING RESOURCES ONLY. Book is […]

Chapter 11 / ECE 560

After reading chapter 11 and chapter 16,  create a diagram which compares and contrasts the Vygotsky and Montessori theoretical approaches to learning. Then describe a classroom learning environment that reflects the principles of Vygotsky and a classroom environment that reflects the principles of Montessori. Your learning journal should be at least 500 words. Instead of […]

Solutions to Confront Ethical Challenges from the Perspective of the Faculty Members: A Qualitative Study

The article must represent the qualitative research methodologies and will focus on applications (quasi-experimental research, experimental research, descriptive research, action research, evaluative research, etc.) that are appropriate to your field. These articles must come from peer-reviewed journals and either be selected or approved by the instructor of record. Each critique will consist of a summary […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Watch the linked videos and read the attached articles. VIDEO:How highways wrecked American cities ARTICLE: (Links to an external site.) ARTICLE: (Links to an external site.) ARTICLE: (Links to an external site.) WEBSITE: (Links to an external site.) Your initial posting should address all the questions in the prompt in […]