Writer’s choice

Topic: Writer’s choice

Subject area: Management

Number of pages: 12

Writing style: Harvard

Type of document: Case Study

Academic level: Master

Number of sources/references: 6

Details: GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Individual Assessment
This assessment consists of a written paper of 3,000 words. The theme for the paper is ‘The internationalization of an entrepreneurial venture: A critical analysis’. You are not expected to conduct primary research (i.e. interviews). You should read a case study assigned by the instructor and critically evaluate it.
The reading is TAVAZO CO case.
The paper should achieve four objectives with the following weightings:
1. Describe the main story of the venturing process and the entrepreneur (s) who made it happen (20 %).
2. Critically evaluate the business strategies employed (e.g. funding issues, opportunity development, intellectual property rights issues, growing the business etc.) and main problems when growing internationally (30 %).
3. Critically describe and develop criteria for market selection (30%)
4. Highlight the typical problems that small businesses face with internationalization, especially in an environment of scarce resources (20 %).
Any delayed paper will be subject to the standard late submission penalties. This is an individual piece of work. You are advised to carry out your research independently of other students. Papers that demonstrate cheating and plagiarism will be penalised according to the university regulations (Please read very carefully the relevant page, on Academic Integrity, of the School of Management Handbook).
Submission guidelines for the assignment:
1. Assignments should be word processed (do not forget to run spelling and grammar checks).
2. You should use 12 font in Times New Roman. There should be single spacing.
3. The introduction and conclusion sections should be clearly indicated. You can create subsections in the main body as warranted.
4. There should be one line spacing between paragraphs.
5. You should leave wide margins in the paper.
6. There should be a reference list, only listing out the sources that you have used and noted in the main text.
7. You should use the Harvard referencing system both in the text and the reference list. See the University guide for Harvard referencing system at http://www.library.soton.ac.uk/infoskills/referencing.shtml#Harvard
8. The pages should be stapled together at the top left corner.
9. The first page of the assignment should clearly state the student name, registration number, course unit title, course unit code, title of the assignment and a word count.