1. Create a title that includes the word, “Women”. (Note:  In the first paragraph, state what you intend to discuss and how, and mention about this again in the last paragraph.)

2. Reflect on the textbook readings and choose a topic of interest “and” discuss your thoughts and reaction, and incorporate other sources of reference you consider relevant.  (Note: The first person pronoun “I” is expected to be used throughout your paper.

3. A total of “four sources of reference” are required; this includes the course textbook as only “one” of the references. Find at least three other separate sources of reference, such as a chapter in a different book, articles from journals, magazines, or newspapers, but “not” interviews or audio/video tapes and “not” images or photos.

4. Use the APA format to properly cite the textbook and the other source(s) “throughout” your paper when  paraphrasing (using your own words to relate source information) and when using quotations.  Also using the APA format, list the textbook and all other sources with complete information in the reference section at the end of the paper.

5. Submit a total of “four single-spaced pages” (no space in between lines) with one space between paragraphs, and not counting the reference list.  “Number the pages”.

Topic Areal from the Book:

Women and Political Power

Women and Work

Women and Education

Women’s Health

Daughters and Sisters


Women’s Personalities

Diversity among Women: Gender, Race, and Class