Violent Media Is Good for Kids” by Gerard Jones p. 195 , book current issue

Violent Media Is Good for Kids” by Gerard Jones p. 195 , book current issue
Project description
*Remember, a critical analysis is more than a summary of the essay’s contents. You are also evaluating the argument presented by the author. You must have an assertion and offer support for it. For example, does the author make a strong argument or not? Do the reasons offered in support of the assertion seem reasonable and believable? Why or why not? You should prove, explain, and/or illustrate your critical comments with examples from the text. Note that this is not an agree/disagree essay.

Remember, too, that “criticism” is not limited to pointing out all of the problems with an author’s work. Criticism also involves identifying the valuable contributions and good work of the author. Ultimately, you are evaluating the success of the essay’s argument. How effective or ineffective is it? See the rubrics on the back of this handout for a complete list of my expectations.

Please read this rubric carefully, and plan your essay accordingly. Remember, there is no need to quote extensively. Quote only what is necessary to make your point
______ (10 pts.) Correct bibliographic entry; correct MLA or APA heading, and correct in text citations as needed etc.

______ (10 pts.) Grammatical strength of paper.

______ (15 pts.) Introduction in which you state the essay’s author and title, the topic of the essay, your thesis statement, and anything else you deem necessary.

______ (15 pts.) You accurately summarize the author’s main assertion and outline the main reasons of that argument.

______ (15 pts.) You evaluate the strength of the logic in the essay, providing examples from the essay. (logos) See pages 90-101 of Current Issues text.

______ (15 pts.) You adequately evaluate the author of the essay. (ethos) Tone, bias, word choice, language style, reasonableness of author and assumptions have all been discussed.

______ (10 pts.) You have adequately evaluated any emotional and ethical appeals in the essay, with examples. Are they appropriate and why?

______ (5 pts.) You have provided a conclusion in which you summarize your assessment of this essay. You discuss how effectively the author convinced you of the assertion made.

______ (5 pts.) Your own writing is expressed in a fair tone, is unbiased, and your language is appropriate.