traveling gaze

traveling gaze

Identify the properties of identification and difference and how to apply them to images.
Understand the term “traveling gaze” and how it predetermines how we see the rest of the world.
Identify the ideology behind the “traveler’s gaze.”
Compose an essay about a film or series of magazine photos where this gaze is employed and the ideology behind it.

bulletReading Assignment
For assignment 2A:
Read Chapter 5 in Rhetorical Visions.

For Assignment 2B:
Pay close attention to the articles in Chapter 5.

bulletStudy Notes

Like the previous articles be sure to write down key terms and their definitions. As with any kind of reading it helps if you can personalize the content of what you are reading. Began to ask questions about your own life and environment based upon what you are reading. Develop theories of your own. Analyze your environment and its actors as these authors analyze their own.

bulletAssignment 2A (50 points)
Make sure you center the title of your assignment, and correctly label it Assignment 2A. Title and center this Assignment 2A. This essay should be at least two to three pages in length. In the essay “The Photograph as an Intersection of Gazes” in chapter 5 identify and then define the different kind of gazes. Choose one kind of gaze and then apply it to an image of your own.