The use of isotopes in medicine The use of isotopes in agriculture ,The use of isotopes in archeology.

The use of isotopes in medicine The use of isotopes in agriculture The use of isotopes in archeology.
You are to write an essay or report on one of the above topics.    Your assignment should include an introduction which introduces your topic, a body in which you should expand and develop your topic and finally a conclusion in which you sum up what you have said previously.
You should give a description of isotopes, and clearly explain the difference between stable and radioactive isotopes. In the area of use that you select, you should discuss at least three different usages of isotopes (you should have a separate paragraph for each). You will need to state what isotope is used, how and why it is used (what properties make it useful?) and the advantages or disadvantages of using it. How effective is the method? Is there any evidence of other possible ways of using isotopes in the area selected (for example, did you find articles referring to trials of isotopic use?)?
Your essay should be well referenced with in-text citations and a reference list of those citations. Ensure that you use at least four (4) different credible and reliable sources. You should use the referencing system that you have learnt in your academic skill course.
Finding information:
Textbooks are a good place to start. The internet can be useful in getting started but general internet sites are not acceptable as credible and reliable sources.
Scientific papers and articles can be found using Google scholar.

Marking Criteria
Marks available
Are there general or background statements relating to the topic and controlling ideas? Is there a clear thesis statement with controlling ideas? Is the introduction developed sufficiently?
Is a preview or outline of the essay content provided?
Are the controlling ideas developed with one related idea per paragraph? Is there a clear topic sentence in each paragraph? Do supporting sentences expand on the idea presented in the topic sentence
Is there a logical progression of ideas? Are there quality ideas relevant to the topic?
Does the conclusion adequately sum up the information given in the assignment? Ensure that there is no new information given.
Are all ideas supported by sufficient credible and reliable research (at least 3 different references)? Are there at least four (4) different, accurate in-text citations?
Has research been quoted, paraphrased or summarised appropriately? Are the sources accurately acknowledged in the reference list?
Is the format of the reference list correct (eg.Title, alphabetical order, on a separate page, no numbering etc)? Is there evidence of copying from sources without appropriate acknowledgement?
Note: where there is evidence of copying from sources, a “Result Withheld” grade will be awarded until further investigations/discussions have taken place.
Is there a general description of isotopes? Is there a description of stable and radioactive isotopes? Are there at least three different types of usage of isotopes in the area selected that have been discussed? (for example, if you chose isotopes in medicine, have you selected at least three different types of usage of isotopes in medicine). Is it clear which isotope is used and why? Has it been explained how using the isotopes works in each kind of usage? Are there ideas for future use of isotopes in the area selected?