the individual project.

the individual project.

This is the assignment for your individual estimating project. You can submit your paper and powerpoint here.

Your project can either be something with in your program or something you have as a hobby that you are familiar with. It does not need to be a unique item. Whether or not it is unique, you should compare to comparable products in the stores for a baseline for your estimate.

Conclusions and recommendations are if your company should proceed? Can it be made in a way that it can compete? Should alternative materials be looked at? Etc.
The amount of materials is up to you. Example: if you were to do a lawn mower you should look up to see approximately how many lawns there are or how many mowers produced in one year.
References should be a bibliography on where you get your information.
The presentation part of your project is worth 50 pts. Must be submitted by midnight on May 3rd.

You should use YouTube and can find instructions at:

See the link below.

Record and then upload to YouTube (with a private link). Then submit that Web URL/file link into Canvas, and your presentation will be assigned for peer reviews. Worth 50 points.