The Conflict between Leo and Lori Custom Essay

The Conflict between Leo and Lori During conversations, there is a possibility that there is a triggering event at hand being the subject matter of the discussion (Wilmot & Hocker, 2010). The individuals conversing usually have something they are sharing, discussing or arguing about. The case of Leo and Lori, the conversation is about a party that both of them attended. At the start of the conversation, Leo brags about how the party was a blast. On the other hand, Leo does not acknowledge this as he argues that he was not treated right Leo in front of his friends. Thus, the triggering event that brings the parties in mutual awareness in the heated conversation is about if the party was actually good. Leo thinks that the party was the best because it can be noticed that he danced with at least seventeen women during the party. Lori, in contrast, tends to think that the party was not good for him as Leo tried to hurt him by humiliating him before friends and tried to control him in everything he did as if he was his father. In essence, the heated discussion between Leo and Lori is inclined towards how the party was in their own views and why it had to happen that way.