The basic principles of marketing

While you might think the basic principles of marketing are simply common sense, many companies fail to apply these principles in day to day operations. In a 1-2 page (500 – 1,000 words) :

a. is one of the most successful Internet-based company in America. Visit the site at and carefully look at their home page. Then, visit several of the links from the home page. List five specific market segments is targeting through its Web site. For each segment you identify, give at least one example from the site that demonstrates how is trying to appeal to the targeted segment.

b. Now, visit the Atlanta Journal/Constitution home page at Be sure to visit several of the linked pages. Who is the newspaper targeting with this Web site? How is the product offered at this site different from the printed newspaper? How do you think this site compares with a printed newspaper? Would you read it instead of a printed paper?

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT!! In describing target markets, you need to be as specific as possible. First, you must list the strategy used. Do they use the Undifferentiated, Concentrated, Multi-segment, Benefit or One to One approach. Then list the variables used such as geographics, demographics, psychographics, usage rage in describing the audience. For example, you could look at a Web site with women’s clothing and say the target is women, but that isn’t enough to allow the company to target! Which women? Does the look of the site and the quality of the clothing tell you anything about the income characteristics of the women they are targeting? What would you know about the target market from the fact that the company is using a Web site to advertise (income, education, computer skills, risk taker or risk averse, etc)? You will need to incorporate the Demograpic Factors in Chapter 4 in this assignment. (I am interested in how you go about this process of segmenting rather than just give me an overview of the sites you looked at for this assignment. I have visited these sites more than you can tel