Pike River

Pike River

Pike River

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1- The work have to be you work ” do not copy any thing at all “.
2- Answer the 4 questions in the file.
3- Use 5 or more journal articles.
4- Follow the marking guide line to write the report.


  1. The strategy of PRCM management was to outsource most aspects of the mine design (including the mine electricity supply and ventilation) and the operation of the mine (including constructing the mine, extracting the coal, and financial, environmental and safety processes). Drawing on strategic management principles, explain why this management strategy would have been adopted and explain the problems of this approach.


  1. Investigations into the disaster clearly point to poor management decision-making as contributing factors. Drawing on two functions of management (planning and leading) discuss some examples of poor management decisions. 
  1. Sound decision-making is an important role for both managers and workers alike.  Using the ventilation system as your example, what were the main influences in the decision-making processes and what were failures of decision-making processes?
  1. The case study on PRCM illustrates that there were serious communication problems, for instance between the mine management and the company Board. What were some factors that impeded communication within the company and how could these aspects have been better managed?

While this is a technical case, you are expected to apply the management theory taught in class and the textbook.  You are also expected to research further using peer-reviewed journal articles and Pike River analysis.  Start your research early to gain high marks- the links below are a good starting point.


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