Music Essay Exam

Describe the progression of music historically, focusing on either the Romantic period or the twentieth century (see prompt). Students should reference works from the Listening List, identify and discuss significant musical features, and may also choose to include their personal responses to repertoire from selected periods.

In a 900-word essay (or more) describe in detail either the Romantic Period or Twentieth-century art music. You may choose to discuss how cultural events impacted the development of music at a given point in time, and perhaps what you hear and react to in music throughout the era. Feel free to discuss specific works or general musical values. You need to describe 4 works of music from our listening list, and explain the significance of these works to your historical narrative. Please organize your thoughts using paragraphs with topic sentences and a clear organization for your narrative.
Proper citation practices in these essays are essential. It is assumed that your submitted work consists of your own ideas, supported by our readings, discussions, and lectures. If you are quoting materials, please do so sparingly, and with proper attribution (citing sources and page numbers, parenthetical documentation is fine).