Live Speech Analysis

Live Speech Analysis
Paper instructions:
The Outside of Class Speaker Evaluation Paper

You will need to watch any live speaking event (you can make this up). The paper should be typed, double spaced and should be 2 pages in length (minimum).

The essay you write on the speaking event can be arranged in the following format:

Part 1 – Describe the event, the audience, who was speaking, where it was, and when it happened.

Please use the below information for part 1:

Describe the event: The speech is about Human genetic adaptation, plant and animal domestication, anthropology class

The audience: Students and teachers

Who was speaking: Dr. Christina Warinner, Research Associate Department of Anthropology University of Oklahoma, Research Affiliate Centre of Evolutionary Medicine at University of Zurich

Where it was: Academy of Science San Francisco,
When :Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Part 2 – What did the speaker do to make a good impression. Use concepts learned in class to explain your ideas. (You can make this up as you wish)

Part 3 – How could the speaker improve for future presentations ? (You can make this up also)