Informatics of health care

1- remove Executive summary part.

2- make the introduction in one page and start your introduction with a short background about why eHealth is thought to be of importance to the future of healthcare

and then focus down onto clinical Information Systems in particular.

3- editing the paper to follow the criteria of task as below:

a. Define a clinical record, an electronic clinical record and a clinical information system. This should include a description of the differences between electronic

medical records, electronic health records and personal health records.

b. Critically appraise the potential benefits for individuals, clinicians, healthcare organisations and governments of Clinical Information Systems. There are many

stated benefits and you need to set these out but you should then focus on 3 of these to discuss in depth, giving a critical analysis of the evidence for each.

c. Critically appraise the potential disadvantages and risks there might be in using clinical information systems. You should give an overview of these and then

discuss 2 of these in depth, giving a critical analysis of the evidence for each.

d. Discuss the requirements of Clinical Information Systems that are necessary to ensure secure and effective use and sharing of electronic clinical records. Your

discussion should cover security and governance, interoperability and data quality, including the role of coding and messaging standards

as you can seen many points in assessment criteria is missed for example the critically appraise in part B and C.
also discuss 3 of benefits in depth in part B
and discuss 2 of potential disadvantages in depth in part C
Moreover, the part D is missed