How social media play a role in learning

Paper details:
Hello and here are the rules and guidelines for the assignment. The body of your paper, not including Title and Reference page, will be 3-5 pages

double-spaced following the properly formatted APA 6th edition style; you will need to make sure that the topic you choose will have enough

information for you to be able to fulfill this requirement.

Your task:
• Enter your choice in the text box below.
• Write a question that will drive your thinking and research on the topic.
• Answer the question in one, declarative sentence (Tip: the ANSWER to your question is what you will write about in your research paper. You will

support or refute your topic through research. Also, visit Thesis Creator website: This

website is an interactive site that helps you create your paper’s thesis. )

This is what I gave my instructor:
How social media play a role in learning. (Topic)
Can social media improve the learning experience? (Question)
Social media encourages active engagement collaboration, and participation in class activity. (Answer)