From Slavery to Freedom

From Slavery to Freedom
Project instructions:
Research Question: How has the African American slavery system impacted the United States?

Introduction- make your argument, address your question, and thesis

Body Paragraph 1: Primary source from the Library of Congress. What were some opinions regarding slaves impacting the United States?

Body Paragraph 2: The film “Almistad”. What was happening during that time. What were the effects and results throughout the movie?

Body Paragraph 3: “A World of Ideas” book by Lee A. Jacobus. Include Thomas Jefferson- The Declaration of independence

Body Paragraph 4: A New York Times article about slaves

Body Paragraph 5: How is Nelson Mandela related to the research question

Boby Paragraph 6: Conclusion- Why this topic interested you, and what you learned about literature, language, film, and yourself in the process of writing this paper.