ethical approval

ethical approval

The process of the university is:

1. Submit a research topic to my programme supervisor with supporting questions that would be answered by the research. If the topic is not good she will comment on improving which I would then have to resubmit again to her until she says it is good.

2. Once she confirms the topic is a good one I have to apply for ethical approval. I would need to get some information as the ethical approval response will depend on how you will be carrying out the research.

I would like to run the topic by her as soon as possible to get right away to submit application for ethical by the end of the month of February 2015.

3. Once this is submitted by the deadline and approved I would be given a response whether to submit the dissertation proposal.

4. After receiving the ethical approval then I can submit the dissertation proposal.

5. Once a pass mark is gained from the proposal then I can proceed with the dissertation.

The dissertation should be under the broad heading of:
Organisational Behaviour, Employee Relations & Human Resource Management. This is the department I fall under.

Topics can be further broken down under the subject area of : Strategic Human Resource Management and/or Employee Relations

Of the 2 types of dissertation: Empirical and theoretical, please take into consideration it should be relevant to my region and accessibility/achievable and realistic. A theoretical approach may be best suited. If not we can discuss what you think is best.