How’s your water? How would you know?  What should you do to check?  The purpose of this assignment is to assess the water quality that comes into your home.

1.    Find out who is your water provider. > I found it already

(Philadelphia Water Department).

2.    Get a copy of the water quality report > This is the report (

3.    Identify at least three items in the water quality report that you think are important and why

4.    Get more information about those three items

5.    Identify one policy that could be modified to mitigate one of the items

6.    What data is missing? How would you get that information?

7.    Would either article have an impact on your drinking water?  How?  Please describe and cite. ( I provided 2 articles ).

8.    What role will climate change have regarding potable water? > please focus on this point

-This should be an essay.

-Please please please cite all the resources I provided correctly (APA style).

– The resources should be 3 + the articles, the report and the Philadelphia Water Department website ( total as 7 or more ).

– This is a master’s level, be creative and