Concepts in Patient Care

Concepts in Patient Care

choose Slim disease and about 200 word.Second part can be resourced from internet but you should put the reference and speak about the same issue. Part2 200 word. Part3A research two web sites related to recommendations for this issue.

Reflect on whether these web sites give you any insights into health improvements.
Critique the quality of these web sites. Are they reputable? Why or why not?. Part3B 200 words a&b From the data base CINAHL find one nursing article related to your health issue nominated in Part 3A.

1. Provide a short summary of the article. (use in-text referencing to identify it and include the article in your overall reference list for the assignment)

2. Does the research from the article or recommendations by the authors help with your health plan in any way? (it may not – it may be an unhelpful context or study)

Part 4: Health Promotion Essay
Write a short essay (500 words – give/take 10%) on how a nurse could work with a client with your proposed health issue to facilitate their wellness or mitigate their risk with this issue You are to use a minimum of three ACADEMIC sources for this – at least two of these must be journal articles from a data base – the subsequent resources may be texts. (no internet sites for this section!)