Maximum Possible Points: A maximum number of points you may earn for this assignmentis10. Points earned from this assignment will be added to your total point score for the semester. (See the course syllabus for the course grading scale.)
Due DateMon., Dec. 4th:This assignment is to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. Late submissions will not be accepted or graded.
1) Use the Assignment Sheet that follows this page.

o Typed assignments are preferred; you may copy the Assignment Sheet into Word and type your answer into each section.

o Handwritten assignments are acceptable but must be legible and neat. If needed, you may attach an additional piece of paper.

2) Points for each section are shown on the Assignment Sheet. Use complete sentences in your answers.
The Assignment:

1) Research the McDonald’s coffee spill case. The plaintiff in that case was Stella Leibeck. She sued McDonald’s for injury she suffered when she accidentally spilled coffee on herself. Do enough research to feel comfortable in completing the Assignment Sheet.

2) Complete the Assignment Sheet. Be sure to apply course concepts to your answers. All answers must be your original work. Submit one hard copy of the Assignment Sheet. Print your name on the Assignment Sheet.



Optional Extra Credit #3
Assignment Sheet

Student Name (signature, then printed)
My signature certifies that this assignment has been completed in compliance with the Honor Code of the Kelley School of Business – Indianapolis.
Section 1: Provide a brief summary of the facts of the case.
(You must provide the summary to earn points below.)





Section 2: Describe the duty/ies that the plaintiff asserted were owed to her by McDonalds.
(2 points)


Section 3: What damages did the plaintiff ask the court to award to her?
(2 points)

Section 4:What defenses were asserted by McDonalds?
(2 points)





Section 5:Do you agree with the court’s ruling/jury decision in this case? Apply course concepts to explain and support your position.
(4 points)