Building eCommerce

MISY 4332 –  Essay question1
Building eCommerce

1. Since the early 90’s Information Communication Technologies (ICT)  were able to change the organization of business management from vertical departments to the horizontal processes. The turning key for this evolution was the introduction of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in the management science. The improvement of business process as cross-departmental functions resulted in the weakening of the role of the vertical departments.
As an analyst you are faced with two pressures when you design a system. The pressure of managers to build strong vertical software for their departments and the contradicting pressure to optimize the rational way to organize every day business which can be realized through business processes.
Be able to discuss in 15-20 lines these two pressures highlighting the following topics.
•    The role of technology in the new forms of management
•    The role of connecting companies into enterprises through horizontal processes in ERPs
•    Examples of horizontal processes in SAP like Supply Chain Management,  CRM, Product life cycle management
Read BPR wiki:
Read SAP products:

2. You are hired by the EXHILIR commercial company as an MIS expert. The company’s Board of Directors (BOD) have asked you to create an executive report (15-20 lines) relating the adaptation of ecommerce platform. The BOD wants to be presented with major alternatives in creating this platform.
From: Your name
Regarding the request for those available options for adapting an ecommerce platform by our company the initial investigation resulted in the following outcomes:
a. Build in house (proprietary) major pros and cons

b. License an existing platform diffierent tiers and prices examples

c. Use open source platform Describe the open source pros

The resulting options could be investigated further upon your request.
•    read the EC5.pdf  in the material BB folder
•    read
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