applying to Empire State College;

In a typed essay of no fewer than 300 words, please describe:

1.) reasons for applying to Empire State College;

2.) personal and professional goals, and what topics or areas you hope to study;

3.) strengths and experiences (educational, employment, community and personal background) that will make you a successful student in our learning environment.

Please take the time to edit and proofread your essay before submitting it. We highly recommend you use a word processor to type your writing assessment before cutting and pasting it into the online form below. The writing you produce here will determine whether you are admitted to the college and will help us advise you on your first enrollment.

Your essay will be assessed on the following areas:

·Does your essay address the 3 questions outlined above?
·Are the ideas in your essay well organized and does your essay follow the basic structure of the college essay: introduction, body and conclusion?
·Does your essay contain adequate self-reflection and development of ideas?
·Are words spelled correctly, and do you use appropriate vocabulary?
·Have you corrected grammar and punctuation errors?