UN Global Compact theme

UN Global Compact theme

Select a UN Global Compact theme (Human Rights, Labour, Environment or Anti-Corruption) and then use appropriate academic references
academic journals) to define it and explain the key concepts addressed or contained within the selected theme.

Outline how the selected UN

Global Compact theme relates to your chosen discipline andlor major by using references from this field of study (academic, industry or
professional organisational literature is suitable) to outline discipline-specific dilemmas, challenges, best practices, trends, efforts,
initiatives or strategies as appropriate. To do this effectively you will discuss each principle within the theme and explore the
implications for your discipline.

Critically reflect upon the policies, practices and workplace culture I behaviours in your internship

host organisation to identify strong or weak alignment with the selected UN Global Compact theme and its principles. Note: Not every
principle (or aspect of every principle) may be relevant to the internship host organisation so it is important to outline at the beginning
ofthis section the relevant principles before you proceed to discuss these.


This assignment is to be completed in a report

format with three main headings:

UN Global Compact Theme: (Insert selected theme name here)

UN Global Compact and (Inserted name of your

chosen discipline major here)

UN Global Compact and (Insert name of your internship host organisation here)

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